Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

How to Build a Wardrobe: 7 Pieces – 5 Outfits

Let’s talk about having a wardrobe that fits – a wardrobe that fits your fashion personality, your body shape, your lifestyle and flatters your eye, hair and skin colour. For most women  having a wardrobe they love is a distance dream. They don’t have the time, energy and money to spend shopping for clothes – most of which they will never wear. Actually, a beautiful wardrobe you love is within reach. It’s a simple step-by-step process that begins with getting to know yourself, know what looks great on you and what feels comfortable.

Begin with finding your fashion personality. It’s simply finding and determining the styles you feel most comfortable wearing and that reflect who you are (or who you’d like to be). The second step is to find your body shape so you can dress to accentuate it. Designers make clothes to fit a certain ‘model type’ – a type that most women don’t fall into so in most cases real women don’t fit well into the ‘ready to wear’ clothes found in most stores – which can make shopping very frustrating. Is it any wonder women don’t like to shop? When you know your body type you will know how to choose clothes that flatter you and not hide your beauty.

A great wardrobe is one that fits well into your lifestyle. For example, a stay-at-home mom will be best suited to a casual wardrobe. If her lifestyle changes her wardrobe will as well. This type of transition can be seen in women who are newly retired. Their closets are full of professional clothing that they no longer need. A little wardrobe change will get them back on track.

When you know your body shape, your fashion personality and your best colours you can start your wardrobe easily with just a few basics.  They must be in compatible fabrics, colours and designs. Here are some examples for a professional wardrobe with just four colours.