Thursday, November 27th, 2014

How to Dress to Conceal a Tummy

By Sheila Dicks

If you’re not happy with your tummy, you’re not alone.  Many women think they have a little too much around the middle.  If you’re one of these women here are a few dressing suggestions to hide a tummy.

  • Wear a jacket with darker colour top to create a vertical line and a slimming appearance
  • An empire waist top (above) or dress in a not-too-flimsy material will drop over your tummy nicely
  • A wrap top or dress (below).  The wrap style has a slimming effect and will hide a tummy
  • A peplum top or dress ( below)  flows out from the waist to hide a tummy

  • Print dresses are great to hiding a tummy.
  • Wear print tops that end  just below the tummy.

  • Choose undergarments to help slim your waistline.


  • a belt, unless it is under a jacket
  • pleated pants
  • pants tucked in
  • materials that cling