Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

About me

I’m all about personal power. For me, personal power is feeling good about who you are, living a life of your choosing and feeling free to be the person you are (no matter who likes or doesn’t like it) – living authentically.


I live authentically now but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve always loved clothes, fabric, design and colour. As a child I spent a lot of time dressing up and coming up with creative designs. I once made a dress from scarves. I did. It was very beautiful.


SheilaCan you imagine how I felt being a child who loves colour, clothes and creativity when my mother insisted I wear a uniform to school? Blah! Awful. Not me at all. I did fight her on it but she wouldn’t back down. It was a black uniform worn with a white starched blouse. This wouldn’t have been half as bad if it had been school policy, but it wasn’t. I was the only kid wearing a uniform.


To say that the uniform was restrictive is an understatement. I couldn’t play like the other kids and I stood out – not exactly in a good way.


Like most of us, I grew up being told how to behave and what to think. When you are raised to follow the rules and do what you’re told, it carries through all of your life. For years I continued to attract people who wanted to tell me who I should be. One of those people was the man I married (no, we’re no longer married) he had ideas of who I should be as well – ideas that didn’t jive we me at all. I think this was one of the pivotal points of my life.


It was during this time that I went to school to become a seamstress. This was wonderful, like a dream come true. In the few years following I took courses in style and learned makeup application. I became so good at creating an impeccable image that I created another uniform – a uniform of being perfectly polished. This time the uniform was keeping me safe. I didn’t realize it at the time but I had created an image of what I thought I was ‘supposed’ to be.


Wow, was I wrong! It wasn’t keeping me safe at all it was destroying my credibility and my personal power. By the way, I still am perfectly polished, however, this time it’s the real me. The thing is, because I was once there, I easily notice women who hide behind their clothes. They hide in clothes that are drab, too big and don’t fit so they won’t be seen or they hide under the persona of fashionista or stylish to be seen as perfect.


So what changed? I realized that to have personal power you have to first know who you are, own who you are and then create an image (an aspect of branding) that is compatible with the authentic you.

My love, joy and happiness are such a blessing that I want to pass it on.


I want you to Show Up and Show Up Powerfully!

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