Sunday, March 1st, 2015

About me

What’s up with Purpose, Passion and Presence?


Why I do what I do. It’s because what really makes me sad also fires me up. Why? Because… I want to see things change. What concerns me is that so many people live in a state of anxiety and fear. They are fearful of what others think of them, they are fearful they will make a mistake, they are fearful they don’t measure up – they aren’t smart enough, thin enough, clever enough, or rich enough – the list goes on.


I believe this same fear of not being good enough leads to judgment of others. The perceived shortcomings we have of ourselves are transferred to others (usually others we see as lacking) causing discrimination, envy and myriad of low-level feelings.


When we carry around negative energy, that energy impacts our results. It impacts the people we attract as friends, mates and clients; it affects our lives in every way and in everything we do. What we feel on the inside is never hidden, even if we think it is, others can feel energy and we show it in how we carry ourselves and how we relate to others. Our energy is seen in our results: our level of peace, freedom, and joy. It is evident in our relationships and our sense of fulfillment.


How we feel affects our energy and our energy affects how we show up. If we aren’t putting forth our best energy, the energy that is our natural state, we aren’t being our true self and getting the results we should – we aren’t showing up powerfully (our natural state). Energy emanates from us as a feeling that others intuit and it radiates from us in our body language. When we don’t fully feel our power – a power that is clear, pure and strengthening – it is evident to others in our body language. Body language is run by the subconscious and is always speaking what we really feel.


The good news is we have control over how we show up, we have control over our energy and we have control over how we feel. We start by changing the beliefs that aren’t serving us. The cool thing is, that as how we feel changes, so does our body language. When our body language becomes more powerful we get better results. We have better relationships, first with ourselves (we like ourselves more) and then better relationships with others. This wonderful energy spills over into our lives and is noticeable because we start attracting better jobs, more opportunities, more clients, more love and more respect.


It’s my mission to change the fear in people to joy and happiness. To have them know they are powerful and can have whatever they want.


So why do I care? I been there, living in fear and putting up with a life half lived. I started my journey of self-discovery twenty-seven years ago when I read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. It took a few years before the changes began (3 years) because I didn’t have anyone to help guide me in the right direction. We can’t change what we don’t know and it’s difficult (but not impossible) to change while we’re in an environment that taught us fear-based thinking. The great thing is that life did change simply because – I decided it would.


My desire and commitment for more love, joy and happiness kept me learning more and more until finally my teachers arrived and then everything changed. My love, joy and happiness are such a blessing that I want to pass it on.


I want you to Show Up and Show Up Powerfully!

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