Monday, May 30th, 2016
build your crediblity

What Makes You Credible?

How credible are you? On your first meeting with someone what conclusions are they drawing about you? Hmmm… do… read more »

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Ageless beauty - women in style

How To Be An Ageless Beauty

If you really understood that what you believe affects your results, would you change your beliefs about aging? A belief… read more »

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show up powerfully

Would I Insult You If I Offered You Help With Your Image?

I was talking with a colleague today about future programs and possible joint venture partners. During our conversation she… read more »

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If you felt radiant, striking and irresistible how would your life be different?

Close your eyes and IMAGINE… You’re walking into a room full of people. The hum of the room silences and… read more »

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Improve Image

How to Instantly Improve Your Image and Create a Positive Impression

We all have to dress, and how we dress affects how others see us – how we dress creates… read more »

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