Monday, August 31st, 2015
people pleaser

Who Are You Trying To Please?

The idea of being a pleaser might be a very resistant thought for you – you might be thinking, “I… read more »

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Shopping Tips

7 End of Season Shopping Tips To Build Your Wardrobe and Increase Your Energy

The summer season is coming to a close and it’s the perfect time to add to your summer wardrobe and… read more »

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Self-image & Personal Power

How Is Your Self- Image Affecting Your Personal Power?

Why should you care about personal power and what is it anyway? The word power usually conjures up… read more »

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Dressing Well

7 Style Mistakes That Might Be Keeping You From a Promotion

Is how you’re dressing creating a positive or negative image?  Staying in your current position or moving up in your… read more »

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Portrait of happy young businesswoman

7 Ways Women Stay Stuck

Are you, or have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in an unfulfilling career, a stagnant business or a dead-end relationship?… read more »

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