Monday, January 16th, 2017
wardrobe tips for amazing style

Wardrobe Tips for Amazing Style

What is style and do you know yours? Having style and being stylish is knowing which styles of clothing (shape… read more »

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Love your body

7 Ways to Love Your Body

Looking and feeling FABULOUS is not really that difficult if you, learn how to dress, get guidance and practice what… read more »

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Boost Your Charisma and Business Success

3 Ways to Boost Your Charisma and Business Success

One way to create personal and business success is to step out of your comfort zone and increase your level… read more »

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Create an image of influence

3 Ways To Create an Image of Influence

Have you ever thought of how much influence you have? Have you wondered how you appear to your new prospect,… read more »

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Are You Sabotaging Your Image?

Are you Sabotaging Your Image?

I’m always super alert to what’s going on around me and lately I’ve been noticing a few regular themes that… read more »

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