Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
Are You Sabotaging Your Image?

Are you Sabotaging Your Image?

I’m always super alert to what’s going on around me and lately I’ve been noticing a few regular themes that… read more »

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build your crediblity

What Makes You Credible?

How credible are you? On your first meeting with someone what conclusions are they drawing about you? Hmmm… do… read more »

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Ageless beauty - women in style

How To Be An Ageless Beauty

If you really understood that what you believe affects your results, would you change your beliefs about aging? A belief… read more »

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show up powerfully

Would I Insult You If I Offered You Help With Your Image?

I was talking with a colleague today about future programs and possible joint venture partners. During our conversation she… read more »

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If you felt radiant, striking and irresistible how would your life be different?

Close your eyes and IMAGINE… You’re walking into a room full of people. The hum of the room silences and… read more »

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