Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Boost Your Image Programs

The INStyle Image Exclusive 

6 – month program is for you, if you’ve been yearning for a complete image makeover, you’re ready and don’t want to wait any longer. You’ve been settling too long with an image that isn’t getting you what you want.  You want to start working on your image now, to look better, feel better and get the results you want – you don’t want to lose any more precious time.












The Get Me Ready With Style

3 – month program will let you experiment with different style choices and help you align your personality with your brand. You will have the freedom to choose styles that are uniquely you. In this program you will create change in your closet, your wardrobe and how you feel. You will love your clothes, getting dressed and choosing what and what not to wear will be a breeze.





Wardrobe Capsule Program

Style By Sheila






The 1 Day Image intensive     

is for those who are committed to being Charismatic –  that is, being confident, credible and likeable. This coaching program is designed to kickstart your appearance, create breakthroughs and help you create a powerful presence.











Closet Synergy Style Package






What does your closet mean to you? Is it a place that causes you endless frustration or a place you love to visit that contains beautiful clothes you love? Your closet is a place you visit at least once a day – sometimes more – to assemble outfits that make you feel good. If your closet isn’t a reflection of how you want to be seen, then maybe you need a closet transformation – A Closet Synergy Style Package.


Unleash Your Style –  1- day Style Workshop ( TBA)        

Are you ready to take your style up a notch? This is a transformational day where you will discover how to dress with ease so you will never have to wonder if what you’ve chosen to wear is perfect for you. Is having a wardrobe that you love, that radiates your personality, that is easy to organize, that is perfect for your body shape, your personality and your lifestyle important to you? If you answered, yes. This workshop is for you.

Unleash Your Style












The Fashion Fit Formula

With just a few tweaks in necklines, hemlines, colour placement and accessories the Fashion Fit Formula will help you create outfits that are much more flattering.